Recovery Coaching

“You've seen my descent, now watch my rising." Rumi


Are you struggling with...

  • Codependency
  • Addictive/Self-Sabotaging behaviors
  • Emotional regulation
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Needing others approval
  • PTSD related to emotional abuse
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Guilt, shame, and resentment
  • Identifying your feelings and emotions

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Do these sound like your current obstacles?

Are you afraid to speak your truth and live life on your own terms?

Do you often say "yes" when you want to say "no"?

Do you continue to sacrifice your own wants/needs to accommodate others?

Do you have difficulty setting and maintaining healthy boundaries?

Do you often feel invalidated, used, invisible, or disrespected?

Do others tell you to let the past go and just move on with your life already?

Why Recovery Coaching?


Free yourself from dysfunctional patterns that are not serving your adult self

 When we don't heal the past we continue to carry our pain into into our future. We may have made progress and should be proud of how far we have come, yet if we have been only using Band-Aids and emergency cover-ups but not exposing the wounds to fresh air, we may continue to prolong our healing process. This has us dragging the underlying root causes of our dis-connection and self-sabotaging mindset along with us for the ride. We will often see this when we switch one behavior or addiction for another. Until we nip it at the root, it will continue to pop up in another way. 

Temporary "stop the bleeding" approaches actually require more effort!

This may benefit us in the immediate moment but ultimately does not create long-term lasting results. This puts us in a constant danger zone. 

If you were raised in chaos, been involved with narcissistic individuals....

Or found yourself often in the company of toxic energy drainers, you may have been led to believe that your wants and needs were insignificant. You may now still believe that how you think and feel is not important, which may continue to sabotage you in many areas of your life. Perhaps you have poor self-esteem, self-doubt, or a low level of self-respect.

Think about it—if you don’t honor what you think and feel, how can you expect others to value you?

 If we are not loving and respecting ourselves, why would we assume another person would. As the saying goes, “We teach other people how to treat us.” The way we treat ourselves speaks volumes whether we recognize that or not, others do notice. 

When we become open and willing to take the time to connect with our emotions and feelings...

We become our own private detectives. This allows us the opportunity to find the root causes behind our thoughts and behaviors by providing the ability to heal our old wounds and past conditioning,  that have long held us back from becoming the people we have longed to be. By doing this work, you will become able to identify and catch things as they arise and have that space to work through them before they surface into an intense craving. You will gain the tools to recognize manipulative tactics and have a deeper understanding of how you came to the place you currently find yourself in. 

Until one learns the necessary skills to combat these sabotaging warped beliefs...

They continue to run the show behind the scenes. One may continue to feel disconnected from themselves and others and are at risk to repeat all of the negative behaviors from the past time and time again. 

By releasing engrained brainwashing methods and limiting beliefs, you will begin to attract healthier people into your life, as you will no longer be “narc bait” or be willing to tolerate any signs of abusive behavior.

What is Recovery Coaching?


Recovery Coaching is a transformational healing-focused process

 Designed to support courageous and willing individuals who have suffered from codependency or any other self-destructive behavior in regaining control over their future and living life on their own terms. 

The aim of Recovery Coaching

To make peace with yourself and your past, learn to love and express yourself more fully, heal old wounds, and re-connect to your truth.

What can you expect?

This 12-Week Healing and Recovery model will take you on a self-awareness journey to identify patterns, behaviors, outdated coping mechanisms and limiting beliefs that are wreaking havoc in your adult life. You will be given tools, support and techniques to assist you in overcoming the obstacles you may encounter during this exploration. 

When we learn to ACCEPT, CONNECT, TRANSCEND, and integrate all of our emotions, qualities, and experiences, we begin to heal and recover from what occurred during the times when we were powerless to control our environments.

What will Recovery Coaching help you acheive? 

Power to create your dreams and a meaningful life free from suffering


  • Connect with your purpose and what makes you feel alive
  • Recognize what is causing your disconnection
  • Learn to validate your own feelings and trust your own intuition 
  • Connect with your truth and live in alignment with your own values and beliefs
  • Learn how to connect with how you feel and what you want
  • Identify the emotional vampires in your life—those who are sapping your energy
  • Learn to set boundaries, use your voice, and ask for what you want and need
  • Recognize the cost of self-sabotaging behaviors and gain tools to overcome them
  • Gain emotional freedom and be able to express yourself in a healthy manner
  • Become aware of manipulative tactics and red flag behaviors
  • Release past conditioning that no longer benefits your adult self
  • Gain the confidence to make empowering choices and decisions
  • Break free from needing the approval of others
  • Own, embrace, love, and integrate all of who you are
  • Create a structure and maintenance system that will support you in moving forward

And the list goes on....

You will learn new perspectives on the concepts of Acceptance, Connection, Forgiveness as well as several other topics, which will assist you in breaking free from the chains that bind you to the past and have you re-creating the same frustrating situations over and over again. 

This sacred space provides a safe place and opportunity for you to access your own insights and find out what matters most to you. As you re-connect to your feelings and learn to trust your own inner wisdom for guidance, you will gain clarity on what you need to do in order to create positive changes and live a meaningful life. 

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Is Recovery Coaching for you?

Do you believe?

  • In yourself
  • A higher power
  • That you are capable
  • That you were meant for more

Do you feel?

  • Invalidated, unworthy, stuck
  • Indecisive, unsure, hopeless
  • Powerless or afraid of change

Are you willing?

  • To be vulnerable, open, and honest with yourself
  • To explore your past
  • To show up for this program

Are you searching?

  • For others approval
  • For acceptance and appreciation
  • For something/someone to complete you
  • Looking to others for answers or your happiness

Do you want?

  • To feel better about yourself, your choices, and your life
  • To make peace with yourself
  • To forgive yourself
  • To heal and grow

Do you need?

  • Support
  • Accountability
  • New perspectives
  • To find your voice

My Story

A true life tale of living the "Codependent Crazies"