Hello Wellness Tribe

Hi, I am Dania Morgan,


Throughout my life, my emotions controlled me. I was constantly labeled as over-reactive, over-sensitive, and the person most likely to erupt during a conflict. It was very shameful for me, as I did not want hurt other people with my explosive behavior, I just didn’t know any better at the time. 

By doing shadow work, I was able to reclaim my power and set myself free from the prison within my own mind. I have become the kind of person who can hold their head up high and has control over their own life, actions, and choices.

Why work with me?

I am not just a Breakthrough Shadow Coach, I am also a client and life-long learner. I am constantly doing my own inner work and taking advanced education classes, to make sure I show up at my best for you. I live this work and practice what I preach. This is my passion and not just a passing hobby for me.  I was once in complete darkness, my own worst enemy, but have been able to transform my life- using these powerful tools and become a better friend, daughter, sister and society member.

I am very passionate about sharing what I have learned along the way and contributing towards helping others like you, find your own path, develop healthier relationships and live your truth.  I recognize the value and importance of creating sacred space for you to find your own answers and as your guide, I will help you dig deep and find the blocks that are holding you back from becoming your highest self. I will teach you to trust yourself, find your voice and create a meaningful life free of suffering.

My promise to you

I promise you my full attention and support throughout this life-changing journey.  I promise to call you out when you are stuck in your story, but will not try to fix you, give you advice, or treat you like you are broken. I promise that if you show up completely for this work you will experience a life-changing transformation beyond anything you have ever imagined.I

Have questions for me?