Daily Wings #5


Find a quiet place, free of distractions

Set a timer for one minute and close your eyes

Take a few slow deep breaths and fall still

Gently open your eyes and begin the process

Bring to mind an intimate relationship

•    When you have a disagreement, how do you normally respond to the other person? Do you often say things you regret later? Do you listen as they are speaking?

•    How can you see that you are not communicating in the same ways? What can you do differently in order to address this?

•    What do you want/need that you have been unable to attain? Are you willing to ask for these things? If not, what is getting in the way of you being able to do so?

•    Is there something you have been unable to accept about yourself or about the other? If so, how can you work towards acceptance? 

•    How will you feel once you have worked through these blockages? What is the cost of not addressing these obstacles and allowing them to continue?