Daily Wings #3


Find a quiet place, free of distractions

Set a timer for one minute and close your eyes

Take a few slow deep breaths and fall still

Gently open your eyes and begin the process

Bring to mind a situation, where you have been unable to find a solution

1. Describe the situation.

*See Daily Wings Question 2 for more details

2. Is there another way you can approach this situation? What could you say that is helpful/effective?

3. Do you believe their intention is to actually bother you? Could it be that they are trying to connect with you? If you enjoy interacting with this person, how can you let them know that while still honoring your own needs?

4. If you want to speak to this person, but not comfortable with the topic, how can you let them know that? What can you say the next time they show up with the intention to talk about this?

5. How will you feel once this situation has been addressed? What is the cost of not addressing this situation and allowing it to continue as it is?